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Region: Latin America
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Worldwide Specialized IT Consulting Services always working in the time zone of our clients. Focused on Quality, Client Goals Oriented and with a great team. We have successfully carried out multiple projects of all sizes both in America (North, Central, and South) and Europe. We have 2 service models: Digital Staffing: the best talent to augment the capacity of your organization. Digital Factory: Client Requirements > Agile Software Development > Product Delivery. We have experiencies in projects for companies focused on the following business areas: Retail, Financial services, Healthcare, Insurance, Telco and Airlines



We have automated tests for multiple types of software components, accelerating error detection by helping to projects are completed faster and with the highest quality. Automatic test execution as part of the life cycle software development has been a key piece for us that has helped us to collaborate with the success of our customers projects. Benefits: Faster development, feedback and Time to Market, Earlier Detection of Defects, Reliability and transparency of testing activities, Better Overall Test Coverage, Reusability of Test Cases, 24*7 Testing Availability, CI/CD and DevOps Implementation, Ensures the quality of software updates,Improved Accuracy of tests and Reduction of cost. Testing Types: Functional Testing: Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing and Interface Testing Non-Functional Testing: Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Usability Testing and Compatibility Testing

MuleSoft is the lead platform for integrations, API lifecycle management, iPaaS and more, has been a leader in gartner's Magic Quadrant for several years in a row. We have extensive experience in projects for Retail, Airlines, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Health and Education. In our years of experience we have managed to generate criteria that help us guide our clients in the successful adoption of MuleSoft Anypoint Platorm for all types of integration that are required in the organization. We always promote the application of the best practices proposed by MuleSoft to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We are proud to be MuleSoft partners, you can find us in the partner portal:

We use business intelligence plataforms to help organizations make proactive decisions through analytical and predictive dashboards that facilitate the visualization of data, thus managing to monitor the operation of the company and changes in metrics. the ability to connect to any type of data source online or offline data. We have extensive experience with the creation of ETLs. An excellent team of specialized and certified professionals with a high commitment and goals oriented

We have extensive experience developing applications with multiple technologies and multiple methodologies. We always seek to stay updated and that the technological solution developed has a touch of personality and innovation. We seek that our applications are created based on best practices, design patterns, architectural patterns and complying with security standards such as PCI and OWASP. We use source code analysis tools like SonarQube to automate source code quality verification. Each deliverable must be made up of: The web application, mobile, bot or class library, its unit tests together with the coverage report that we seek is always greater than 80%, the report resulting from the source code analysis and documentation. We implement the software development life cycle as a complete process managed by agile cells where our first objective is to be very detailed in the requirements survey and in the analysis of the business processes, the design of the software architecture, the development and automation of tests seeking to define from the beginning strategies of continuous integration and continuous deployment that help us accelerate the development of the project to achieve the objectives of our clients

CI/CD strategies to automate code integration, testing and deployments to achieve successful projects.

We build robots to emulate and integrate actions of human interaction in digital systems to execute a business process.