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Dimitrija Tucovica 64
Zrenjanin, Srednjebanatski okrug 23000 Serbia
Region: Europe
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ALAS d.o.o. is a Software Development and Quality Assurance outsourcing company with extensive experience in web development, project management, manual and automated testing. We enable our clients to produce software that meets the highest standards due to our established workflows and careful attention to detail. Aligning the product vision with the technical team is our specialty. Through open communication and a personal approach, we consider every aspect of the project so that we are empowered to assist and consult in every step of the development process. Our software QA services are recognized worldwide under the WeDoQA brand.


Starting with a new testing framework can be scary and time-consuming. We have been through it, and now we are in a position to help others. Our certified Katalon experts can work closely with you to identify your unique requirements and determine the best approach for your software.

We can provide both staff augmentation and dedicated teams, depending on your needs. Our competent and reliable frontend and backend developers can help your ideas come to life and create top quality web solutions. Our DevOps engineers are experienced in providing a set of flexible services designed to enable you to build and deliver products faster and more reliably. From assessments and consulting to actual implementations, we deliver the most powerful development solutions.

Worldwide software development teams recognize our brand, WeDoQA, as a reputable international supplier of QA services. Our experience with a variety of technologies guarantees that you have access to the finest options for any type of project. After the initial assessment, we offer free off charge advice on the best way to incorporate QA into your development process. With our dedication to clear communication, we know the questions to ask to hit the ground running. Service packages vary per client’s needs, from manual and automated quality assurance, QA lead, project consulting to full project management.


Our company has a diverse clientele consisting of both established large enterprises and emerging startups from various industries worldwide, including healthcare, finance, cryptocurrency, cannabis, transportation, and social media analytics. We serve a wide range of clients from these sectors and of varying sizes, providing them with our services and solutions to help them achieve their business goals.